V-Cup Application Drafted

The Voluntary Cleanup and Redevelopment Program was created in 1994 to facilitate the redevelopment and transfer of contaminated properties. In January of 2007, the Mineral County Fairgrounds Association prepared and submitted an application. Below are short excerpts from the proposal:

Part 2.3 - Type and Source of Contamination:

Lead-impacted soil is the primary contaminant of concern at the MCFA Site. The soils have been sampled and analyzed for metals as part of several environmental assessments and investigations conducted at the Site. Elevated metal concentrations were found in many portions of the Site, with most elevated concentrations occurring in the Willow Creek floodplain.
Mining or milling activities never occurred at the Site. However, the Site has been impacted from upstream mining and milling operations....

Part 2.4 - Voluntary Clean-up

The waste dump material located at the Mineral County fairgrounds contains elevated levels of metals that need to be mitigated by capping the mine tailings, relocating wetlands, and building surface water diversion ditches. This work is proposed to be accomplished under the Colorado Voluntary Clean-up and Redevelopment Act (C.R.S. 25-16-301) that was passed in 1994.

Completed Application: